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September 15, 2009

Meeting the Parks

It is a small world. While at the Burke County Library doing research (in 2008), I was fortunate to run into some fellow Wakefield descendents and researchers. Barbara Parks and her husband, Dr. James Parks, a former resident of Burke County, were back in town to do research on the Wakefield and Parks families. Quite a coincidence that we were both there at the same time and were able to share information.

Barbara and James have completed a tremendous amount of research on the Parks family and families associated with the Parks. In the hills of Burke County, the Parks family and the Wakefields are very closely related with generations after generations of cousins marrying one another going back to the 1700s. Barbara’s research on the Parks and Wakefields can be found on her husband’s Dr. James Parks’s website.



It was quite a surreal experience seeing Wakefield material they shared with me include content from this site. Barbara and James, I hope we are able to meet sometime in the near future to get to know each other better and share information on our families.