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September 13, 2009

1776 $5 bill signed by James Wakefield

While living in South Bend, Indiana, I had the opportunity to purchase a $5 colonial bill bearing the signature of James Wakefield. With financial assistance from my uncle, Jeff Wakefield, and my mother, Sally (Wakefield) Meziere, I was able to purchase the December 26, 1776 South Carolina bill for our Wakefield collection. The bill is in mint condition and bears the signature of just James Wakefield. Since it takes five signatures for a bill to be fully issued this bill never made it into circulation.

While investigating the authenticity of the bill I came across the University of Notre Dame’s website on colonial currency. The website discusses the Wakefield signed bills and shows several examples of bills in various denominations. I met with the Louis Jordan, the director of the Department of Special Collections at Notre Dame, and he personally verified the authenticity of the bill and stated that it was in exceptional condition.

Our Wakefield Bill’s Front

Our Wakefield Bill’s Back


Needless to say this is a prized piece of our Wakefield collection and one that will be cherished for years to come. More information on James Wakefield to come in future posts.