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September 13, 2009

Wakefield’s Temple of Health

Near the Abbeville-Anderson County Line is a home that was once known as the Temple of Health. In the South Fork of the Waken – Fields: A History of the Southern Families of Wakefields who descended from Thomas Wakefield who came to America in 1635 by Wayne E. Wakefield there is a reference to an article by Louise G. Ervin that appeared in South Carolina’s historical magazine “The Sand Piper” in September, 1970. The house was owned by the Wakefields in the 1800s and possibly in the late 1700s as well. If the Wakefields owned the house in the late 1700s I believe it probably would have been the home of Abel Wakefield and Mary Anne Bronson as Abel and Mary were the grandparents of Conrad Wakefield who was supposed to have sold the house to Frank Clinkscales in the late 1800s. The following four pages are from the Waken-Fields book:



According to the article, Frank Clinkscales sold the property to the Gables family in 1904. A 1890s map of Abbeville County shows F. C. Clinkscales as the owner of The Temple of Health with Wakefields, Norris, Bowen, Hall, and McAdams families close by.

The house is located at the following coordinates (34 19′ 8.11″ N 82 32′ 13.17″ W) and can be seen in the following satellite images and map: