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May 25, 2012

Jesse F. Bruther Death Certificate

This is the death certificate of Jesse F. Bruther. Jesse was the son of Caleb Bruther and Emily Burgtal and the father of Loretta Elizabeth (Bruther) Wakefield.

Jesse was December 19, 1867 and died April 10, 1950. He is buried in Old Bethel Cemetery.

March 17, 2012

The Lost Shirley Family Cemetery

From my notes during a research trip to South Carolina a few years ago.

According to a brief reference to the family cemetery in my research material, I set out Tuesday morning to try and locate the cemetery. The cemetery is located on what was an old Shirley family farm behind what once was the house that was on the property. The farm was located on Branyon road just west of the Keowee Church and resides about 1 mile south of the church.

I spoke with a few homeowners in the area and a couple of them remember the cemtery being there but were unsure where it was located. After about an hour of talking to homeowners in the area and searching the property I finally found the cemetery after finding a chain link fence with a gate that was obscured by hay bails. In the cemetery I found several headstones but they were in very, very poor condition. Only one, Nathaniel Shirley, was in good shape and could be read. It was great to find it but any hopes of learning more about the family members buried there is long gone.

September 15, 2009

Old Bethal Cemetery Near Hanover, IN

This cemetery is the resting place for several family members. Buried here include:

Bruther, Bertha
Bruther, Caleb
Bruther, Charles
Bruther, Charles E.
Bruther, Dave
Bruther, Elizabeth
Bruther, Ella
Bruther, Emily (Burgtal – Caleb’s wife)
Bruther, Eva
Bruther, Jesse F.
Bruther, M. Frances
Bruther, Omer
Bruther, W. W.
Turner, Mattie M. (Omer’s Wife)
Wakefield, Loretta
Wakefield, Willard Totten

For a complete list of individuals buried at Old Bethal Cemetery:
Old Bethal Cemetery Records




September 12, 2009

Linville United Methodist Church Cemetery

Beginning in the 1770s, Burke County, North Carolina became the home of the Wakefield family. Several Wakefield families resided in the area known as Linville Valley near what is now Lake James State Park. The Linville United Methodist Church Cemetery is the final resting place of many of our ancestors. Included in this cemetery are members from the Wakefield, Alexander, Conely, McGimpsey, and Parks families.

John Wakefield, born August 23, 1794 and died September 17, 1875, is the most notable and oldest confirmed Wakefield buried here. John was the son of Alexander Wakefield and Allie Johnson Moore. John never married after being jilted by the girl he followed to Indiana. Family lore states that John was in love with this girl and when her family moved to Indiana he followed them. In Indiana, he asked for her hand in marriage but was turned down. A dejected John walked back to Burke County in just 11 days. He went on to live out his life in the home of his half brother, Alphonzo J. McGimsey, having never married.