Research Documents

Documents scanned and searchable for Wakefield researchers. Documents organized by subject matter and geographic location.

Family Specific Documents



  • A Frisian Family: Banta Genealogy
  • Copied from the book is the family of Daniel H. Banta and Eliza Roberts. This family of Banta were predominately in the Craig Township area of Switzerland County, Indiana. Included in the excerpt are the associated families of Detraz, Ferris, Haskell, Sibenthall, and Wakefield. The information is incorrect in a few instances and only contains information until the late 1800s, when the book was published by Theodore M. Banta.

  • Banta Family Sheet and Biographies
  • Focused family tree branches depicted for the following families to cousins Jesse F. Wakefield and Alice Louise Marks: Henry D. Banta (1785-1867) and Eleanor Vanosdol (1786-1879), James Wakefield (1803-1876) and Eliza Ann Jones (1811-1895), and Joshua H, Means (1826-1903) and Sarah Ann Jones (1832-1874). Also present are biographies on Henry D. Banta and two of his sons, Henry D. Banta and Jacob Banta.






  • The Davis and Wakefield Families – Laura A. Davis Shoptaugh
  • Great reference for the Wakefield and Davis families present in Indiana in the first half of the 19th century. Focus of research is on the descendents of Travis Davis who migrated from North Carolina to Franklin County, Indiana. Associated families include Dooley, Higgs, Harrison, Halsted, and Tyner.


  • John Gant (1713 to 1783) and his Descendency
  • Chapter on Frederick Gant, son of William Gant. Cynthia Ann Gant, daughter of Federick and Elizabeth (Cunningham) Gant, who married Hezekiah Wakefield is included in the excerpt. Also included in the excerpt is the chapter on Sarah (Gant) Perkins, daughter of William Gant. Index and family tree outline present.





  • Jacob Lollar Family (1750 to 1972)
  • Two sections of the book are included in this excerpt: The opening chapter on Jacob Lollar who migrated to Pendleton, South Carolina and the section regarding William Gaunt and his descendents which includes Gantt, Lollar, Pratt, and Wakefield. Referenced is the family of Cynthia Gaunt and Hezekiah Wakefield.






Establishing the Family

The Wakefields arrived in America in the 1630s with the arrival of brothers Thomas, John and ??. The brothers separated and established the two dominant Wakefield factions: The Northern Wakefield, center around Boston, and the Southern Wakefields, centered around the Chesapeake Bay area in the states of Virginia and Maryland. Through the 1600s there was relatively no migration or expansion of the family from these areas.

The 1700s witnesses the Southern Wakefields migrating throughout the colonies with significant lines being established in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia. The following are reference documents from the Southern colonial states.



North Carolina

Burke County

This is an interesting article on the history of Linville Valley in Burke County, NC. There is a great deal of information on Charles Wakefield, his family, and many families associated with the Wakefields in the 1700s and 1800s. There has been discussions regarding the validity of the information in the article but I believe that the majority of information, especially relationships, is fairly accurate.

South Carolina

Abbeville County

Anderson County

Greenville County

Spartanburg County


Migration Westward: The New West

With treaties with the Native Americans, an increase in population density, and the opportunity to establish new roots in communities and on farms west of the Appalachian Mountains, the Wakefields migrated westward. During the 1800s, the Wakefields migrated into the developing Northwest Territory and the burgeoning states of Tennessee and Alabama. The states that populate the area West of the original 13 colonies and East of the Mississippi are the focus of the research below. Emphasis on the Indiana clan of Wakefields who migrated from South Carolina and North Carolina and represent my direct line.



Bartholomew County

Franklin County

Jefferson County

Johnson County

Perry County

Switzerland County







Butler County

Hamilton County



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