DNA results and matches of my grandfather, Willard Darrell Wakefield, and my grandmother, Phyllis Ruth (Stage) Wakefield.

Willard Darrell Wakefield’s DNA Test Results

Willard Darrell Wakefield's DNA Sample

Willard Darrell Wakefield's DNA Sample

*Also known as DYS 394

**On 5/19/2003, these values were adjusted down by 1 point because of a change in Lab nomenclature.

***A value of “0” for any marker indicates that the lab reported a null value or no result for this marker. All cases of this nature are retested multiple times by the lab to confirm their accuracy. Mutations causing null values are infrequent, but are passed on to offspring just like other mutations, so related male lineages such as a father and son would likely share any null values.


One Comment to “DNA”

  1. I am a female descendant of Wakefields from Abbeville, SC who moved to Kentucky in the early 1800’s. After Allen Wakefield, of Abbeville and one of the first circuit court judges in Ky died in the early 1800’s, the Dewitt /DeWhitt descendants of his female relatives (my family) kept the name “Allen Wakefield” Dewitt in the family by naming sons and grandsons after him. One Allen Wakefield Dewitt became a lawyer, another a preacher, and another the ancestor of William DeWitt, the principle owner of the St. Louis Cardinals. I found your DNA on Ysearch.org. You mentioned the Wakefield Memorial book. In researching the Wakefields of NC and SC I was surprised how early Wakefields I found in Georgia and in very early SC. None of them are mentioned in the memorial book. It would be nice if more Wakefields were tested to see how many different groups exist.

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