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May 25, 2012

Jesse F. Bruther Death Certificate

This is the death certificate of Jesse F. Bruther. Jesse was the son of Caleb Bruther and Emily Burgtal and the father of Loretta Elizabeth (Bruther) Wakefield.

Jesse was December 19, 1867 and died April 10, 1950. He is buried in Old Bethel Cemetery.

May 25, 2012

Lewis and Grace (Miskell) Bruther

This is a photo of Lewis N. Bruther and his new wife, Grace A. Miskell. They were married on July 28, 1889 in Jefferson County, Indiana. Lewis is the brother of my great-grandfather, Jesse F. Bruther. Jesse is the father of Loretta Elizabeth (Bruther) Wakefield.

Sadly, Lewis died just 2 1/2 years after he and Grace were married.

May 25, 2012

Will Smythe

While visiting with Ruth Ann (Bruther) Hoover in California this past February, she was kind enough to lend me this photo of her uncle, William (Will) Smythe. Will is the husband of Elsie Emily (Bruther) Smythe. Ruth Ann is the daughter of Ervin D. Bruther and Clara (Hargitt) Bruther.

March 17, 2012

The Lost Shirley Family Cemetery

From my notes during a research trip to South Carolina a few years ago.

According to a brief reference to the family cemetery in my research material, I set out Tuesday morning to try and locate the cemetery. The cemetery is located on what was an old Shirley family farm behind what once was the house that was on the property. The farm was located on Branyon road just west of the Keowee Church and resides about 1 mile south of the church.

I spoke with a few homeowners in the area and a couple of them remember the cemtery being there but were unsure where it was located. After about an hour of talking to homeowners in the area and searching the property I finally found the cemetery after finding a chain link fence with a gate that was obscured by hay bails. In the cemetery I found several headstones but they were in very, very poor condition. Only one, Nathaniel Shirley, was in good shape and could be read. It was great to find it but any hopes of learning more about the family members buried there is long gone.

January 7, 2012

Laura Alta (Davis) Shoptaugh’s Travel Diary

While on a project in Arizona last summer, I had the pleasure of spending some time with Lee and Linda Shoptaugh. Lee, grandson of Laura Alta (Davis) Shoptaugh, has in his possession much of Laura’s genealogical research and he was kind enough to allow me to photocopy a good portion of that research. Included in the materials copied was a travel diary and correspondence that Laura penned while travel to the Midwest and East Coast on an extensive genealogical research trip.

The travel diary and correspondence details her time on the road from Chicago to Miami to Boston and her time reconnecting with relatives, visiting significant family and historical sites, and discussing the findings of her research. There are currently 69 seperate documents related to her travels that have been added to this site’s document sharing section (Other’s Research –> Laura’s Research –> Research Trip Diary). There are two additional documents that require further analysis to determine when and where the correspondence was written. Enjoy.

Laura Alta (Davis) Shoptaugh

Laura and I are kindred spirits. She invested a great amount of time documenting her family’s history before she passed away in the late 1950s. She was a teacher early in life, eventually went to college and studied business, worked for a few years as an book keeper and stenographer, then married her husband, James Andrew Shoptaugh, in the late 1890s. James and Laura eventually made their way to Oakland where Laura and James raised their 4 kids, established a church where James was the minister, and began a printing business. Below are a few photos of Laura provide by Lee:

June 14, 2010

I met Laura Alta (Davis) Shoptaugh’s grandson.

About two weeks ago I had the pleasure of meeting one of Laura Alta (Davis) Shoptaugh’s grandsons. Laura was an avid genealogist and did extensive research on the Wakefield, Davis, Shoptaugh, and several other associated families (see The Davis and Wakefield Families). Lee, one of her grandsons, has Laura’s original research and many photographs of her and her family.

Lee was kind enough to allow me to bring a small portion of her research home to make copies (see LADS and Laura Alta (Davis) Shoptaugh Wakefield Research in file sharing). I will continue to make copies of her research in the coming weeks while I am working in Phoenix. Correspondence between Laura and Roberta Wakefield (Wakefields of the South), Laura’s Wakefield Research, and a few other items will be posted in the file sharing section.

More information forthcoming when time permits.

September 15, 2009

Wakefield and Davis families in Brookville, IN in late 1810s

I knew that the Davis and Wakefield families were close but it never really occurred to me how close they could or would be. In the miscellaneous records for Franklin County, Indiana found at the LDS Genealogy Library the following was found:


The Wakefields were living with the Davis family on Market Street in Brookville. The families did not stay here long as they moved to Bartholomew County, Indiana and then to Tennessee. Not surprisingly, the Wakefields and Davis family are found living next door to each other in the 1830 census in Tennessee.

September 15, 2009

Meeting the Parks

It is a small world. While at the Burke County Library doing research (in 2008), I was fortunate to run into some fellow Wakefield descendents and researchers. Barbara Parks and her husband, Dr. James Parks, a former resident of Burke County, were back in town to do research on the Wakefield and Parks families. Quite a coincidence that we were both there at the same time and were able to share information.

Barbara and James have completed a tremendous amount of research on the Parks family and families associated with the Parks. In the hills of Burke County, the Parks family and the Wakefields are very closely related with generations after generations of cousins marrying one another going back to the 1700s. Barbara’s research on the Parks and Wakefields can be found on her husband’s Dr. James Parks’s website.



It was quite a surreal experience seeing Wakefield material they shared with me include content from this site. Barbara and James, I hope we are able to meet sometime in the near future to get to know each other better and share information on our families.

September 15, 2009

Old Bethal Cemetery Near Hanover, IN

This cemetery is the resting place for several family members. Buried here include:

Bruther, Bertha
Bruther, Caleb
Bruther, Charles
Bruther, Charles E.
Bruther, Dave
Bruther, Elizabeth
Bruther, Ella
Bruther, Emily (Burgtal – Caleb’s wife)
Bruther, Eva
Bruther, Jesse F.
Bruther, M. Frances
Bruther, Omer
Bruther, W. W.
Turner, Mattie M. (Omer’s Wife)
Wakefield, Loretta
Wakefield, Willard Totten

For a complete list of individuals buried at Old Bethal Cemetery:
Old Bethal Cemetery Records




September 13, 2009

Obituary of Elizabeth Ann (Boggs) Wakefield

This is Elizabeth Ann (Boggs) Wakefield’s obituary. Annie was born February 5, 1866 in Warsaw, Kentucky. She died on November 26, 1936.


September 13, 2009

Wakefield Boggs Wedding Announcement

This is the wedding announcement of Isaac Faries Wakefield and Elizabeth Ann ‘Annie’ Boggs. They were married on October 27, 1892 in Switzerland County, Indiana. This was Isaac’s second marriage.


September 13, 2009

Obituary of Elizabeth Ann (Jones) Wakefield

This article is from the Thursday, December 5, 1895 edition of the Vevay Reveille.

Elizabeth Ann (Jones) Wakefield was born on March 6, 1811 in Ohio, died, according to this article, on November 23, 1895, and was the wife of James Wakefield. Eliza passed away at the home of her daughter, Evaline A. Wakefield and, son-in-law, Isaac F. Banta.


September 13, 2009

Bruther Reunion (1983) in Madison, Indiana

From 8-25-1983 Madison, Indiana newspaper.

Bruther Reunion held at family farm

The Bruther family reunion was held last Sunday, Aug 21, at the shelter house on the Bill and Lee Bruther farm, with a lavish pitch-in dinner enjoyed.

Gifts were later presented to the person traveling the greatest distance, Mrs. Thomas Bruther, Fort Myers, Fla., whose husband died this past April 22, the oldest one present, William J. Means, 86, Seymour, and the youngest, Chad Watson, three months, two days.

Those attending from Hanover area were Gordon Bruther, Mr. and Mrs. Leroy Smythe, Mr. and Mrs. Delbert Bruther and Gene, Mr. and Mrs. William Bruther, Mr. and Mrs. Danny Bruther, Jimmy, Jeremy and Jerrod, Mr. and Mrs. David Bruther, Tonia and Mike, Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Webster, Lori and Andy, Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Bruther, Kristie and Kendra, Mrs. Delinda Barber, Keveie and Carrie, Tony Monroe and Stephanie James, Mrs. Nancy Bruther, Rev. and Mrs. Ron Bruther, Dana and Stephanie, Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Jackson and Rachel, J. C. Clem, William Douglas Bruther and Julie Brown, Jimmy Bruther and Sheryl Vaught, Josh and Aaron, Todd Bruther, Gary Hamilton and Vicky Shirmer.

Madison area residents present were Mr. and Mrs. Donnie Bruther, Mr. and Mrs. Alva Vestal, John Vestal and Robert Vestal, Mr. and Mrs. Steve Liter and Brian, Mr. and Mrs. Keith Watson, Angie and Chad, Mr. and Mrs. John Steinhardt and Christy, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Cline, Joshua, Marie and Joseph.

Present from other locations in Indiana in addition to Mr. Means were: Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Murphy, David Terry and David and Mary Chasteen, Seymour; Mrs. Dorothy Griffith, Ernest Bruther, Deputy; Mr. and Mrs. Cecil J. Bruther, Mr. and Mrs. Ted Pollard, and Miss Peggy Bruther, Indianapolis; Mr. and Mrs. Millis Jackson, Mr. and Mrs. Steve Kloepfer, Amber and Kirstie, Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Wooten, Mr. and Mrs. Roy Wilson, Heather, Bob, Jessica, and Amanda, Mr. and Mrs. Louie Bruther, Mrs. Phyllis Ponder, Lori and Tray, Jay Lynch, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Gassert, Amy and Lance, Tracey Wyne and Mr. and Mrs. Robert Clark, all of the Lexington area.

Attending from other states in addition to Mrs. Thomas (Isabelle) Bruther, were Mr. and Mrs. Woodie Bruther and Tina, Bedford, Ky.

Barber, Carrie
Barber, Keveie
Barber, Mrs. Delinda
Brown, Julie
Bruther, Dana
Bruther, Ernest
Bruther, Gordon
Bruther, Gene
Bruther, Jimmy
Bruther, Jimmy
Bruther, Jeremy
Bruther, Jerrod
Bruther, Kendra
Bruther, Kristie
Bruther, Mike
Bruther, Miss Peggy
Bruther, Mr. and Mrs. Cecil J.
Bruther, Mr. and Mrs. Danny
Bruther, Mr. and Mrs. David
Bruther, Mr. and Mrs. Delbert
Bruther, Mr. and Mrs. Donnie
Bruther, Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth
Bruther, Mr. and Mrs. Louie
Bruther, Mr. and Mrs. William
Bruther, Mr. and Mrs. Woodie
Bruther, Mrs. Nancy
Bruther, Mrs. Thomas (Isabella)
Bruther, Rev. and Mrs. Ron
Bruther, Stephanie
Bruther, Tina
Bruther, Todd
Bruther, Tonia
Bruther, William Douglas
Chasteen, Mary
Clark, Mr. and Mrs. Robert
Clem, J.C.
Cline, Joseph
Cline, Joshua
Cline, Marie
Cline, Mr. and Mrs. Robert
Gassert, Amy
Gassert, Lance
Gassert, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph
Griffith, Mrs. Dorothy
Hamilton, Gary
Jackson, Mr. and Mrs. Jerry
Jackson, Mr. and Mrs. Millis
Jackson, Rachel
James, Stephanie
Kloepfer, Amber
Kloepfer, Kirstie
Kloepfer, Mrs. Steve
Liter, Brian
Liter, Mr. and Mrs. Steve
Lynch, Jay
Means, William J.
Monroe, Tony
Murphy, Mr. and Mrs. Gordon
Pollard, Mrs. Ted
Ponder, Lori
Ponder, Mrs. Phyllis
Ponder, Tray
Shirmer, Vicky
Smythe, Mr. and Mrs. Leroy
Steinhardt, Christy
Steinhardt, Mr. and Mrs. John
Terry, David
Vaught, Aaron
Vaught, Josh
Vaught, Sheryl
Vestal, John
Vestal, Mrs. Alva
Vestal, Robert
Watson, Angie
Watson, Chad
Watson, Mr. and Mrs. Keith
Webster, Andy
Webster, Lori
Webster, Mr. and Mrs. Bruce
Wilson, Amanda
Wilson, Bob
Wilson, Heather
Wilson, Jessica
Wilson, Mr. and Mrs. Roy
Wooten, Mr. and Mrs. Bernard
Wyne, Tracey

September 13, 2009

Maude (Wakefield) Hudson’s Bible

Maude Edna Wakefield, daughter of Isaac Faries Wakefield and Matilda Emma Means, was married to Howard Henry Hudson. The following information is from Maude’s bible:

This certifies that Howard Henry Hudson and Maude Edna Hudson were united in Holy Matrimony on the 6th day of October in the year of the Lord 1906 at Vevay, Indiana by Richard Smith, Justice of the Peace. Witness Howard Allen and George Banta.

1888 – 05/12 – Howard H. Hudson
1892 – 03/06 – Maude E. Hudson
1907 – 02/04 – Anna Marie Bischoff
1907 – 07/14 – Paul B. Hudson
1909 – 07/27 – William T. Hudson
1911 – 11/23 – Dora Louise Hartpence
1933 – 01/03 – William T. Hudson, Jr.
1938 – 04/15 – Jaqueline Lee Hudson
1943 – 10/13 – Richard Paul Hudson
1960 – 04/01 – Sherill Ann Smith Bond
1962 – 04/13 – Melissa Lynn Hudson
1963 – 07/17 – Glenn Matthew Hudson
1965 – 04/29 – Mark Hudson Bond
1970 – 01/22 – Jeffrey Dean Bond
1976 – 11/12 – Adam John Hudson
1978 – 12/30 – Chad Paul Hudson

1966 – 07/08 – Howard Henry Hudson
1970 – 04/14 – Paul Bateman Hudson
1981 – 08/22 – Maude Edna Hudson
1993 – 06/14 – William T. Hudson

Also in the bible was this handwritten poem from Maude to her sons Paul and William.

Indianapolis, Ind.
February 10, 1970

To My Boys Paul and William

When I must leave you for a little while
Please do not grieve and shed your tears
And hug your sorrow to you through the years
Live on, and do all things, just the same,
Feed not your loneliness on empty days;
But fill each waking hour in useful ways
Reach out your hands in comfort and cheer,
And I in turn, will comfort you both and
hold, you very near;
And never, never, be afraid to die,
For I’ll be waiting for you in the sky.
When your grief and pain are over and
The clouds have all rolled away.

– Mother

Sometimes my sea was smooth, and
Sometimes very, very, rough,
But the Lord knew why,
And that was enough.

September 13, 2009

Wakefield-Banta Reunion

In the Madison, IN library the following was found a few years ago. The family had a family reunion in Lamb, Switzerland County, Indiana.180 At Reunion

Wakefield-Banta / Family Met in Lamb Saturday.

The seventh annaul reunion of the Wakefield-Banta families was held at Lamb, Ind. Sept. 1, with 180 present.

The morning was spent socializing and at noon a bounteous dinner was served cafteria style.

Mr. Albert Samples, 84 years of age; Mrs. Loraine Anderson, 89 years old; Billie McKay 85 years old; Ed Haskell, 82, and Harry Shaw who passed his four score, old friends of both families were present again this year. All were glad to have them and extend a cordial invitation to them and all old friends to attend next year. The youngest present was little Carol Jean Guillion, 3 months old.

A short program was given after noon, followed by the usual business meeting.

Isaac Wakefield, of Hanover, was elected president and Mrs. Susie Hardy, of Anderson, secretary and treasurer.

The reunion will be held at the same place next year and it is hoped that all present will go again.

As the day ended and all went to their homes, although weary, they felt it was good to have met with relatives and friends once more.

The following from a distance were present:

Ralph Welch and wife, of Indianapolis; George Logeman, Sr., and wife, George Logeman, Jr., and wife, all of Indianapolis; Charles Runyon and wife, of Trenton, O.; Mrs. Ella McClanahan and daughter, Mrs. Meyers, of Deputy; George McClanahan and family, of Deputy; Mr. and Mrs. Collins and daughter, of Lexington, KY.; Evan Samples and family, Ollie Bartlow and wife and Stafford Samples, all of Anderson; Fred Konkle and family, Warsaw; Earl Banta, Riverside, Calif.; Edgar Ramseyer and wife, Connersville; Mrs. Ethel Brindley and friend, Howard Hudson and wife, of Indianapolis; Mrs. Anna Banta and son, Isaac Wakefield and wife, of Hanover; Marion Banta and family, Margaret Banta, James Duncan, of Carrollton, Ky.

September 12, 2009

Linville United Methodist Church Cemetery

Beginning in the 1770s, Burke County, North Carolina became the home of the Wakefield family. Several Wakefield families resided in the area known as Linville Valley near what is now Lake James State Park. The Linville United Methodist Church Cemetery is the final resting place of many of our ancestors. Included in this cemetery are members from the Wakefield, Alexander, Conely, McGimpsey, and Parks families.

John Wakefield, born August 23, 1794 and died September 17, 1875, is the most notable and oldest confirmed Wakefield buried here. John was the son of Alexander Wakefield and Allie Johnson Moore. John never married after being jilted by the girl he followed to Indiana. Family lore states that John was in love with this girl and when her family moved to Indiana he followed them. In Indiana, he asked for her hand in marriage but was turned down. A dejected John walked back to Burke County in just 11 days. He went on to live out his life in the home of his half brother, Alphonzo J. McGimsey, having never married.

September 11, 2009

South Carolina Wakefields in Indiana as early as 1812

In effort to determine which Wakefields, and their associated families, moved to Indiana from South Carolina and North Carolina I have been researching Franklin County records from the 1810s. At the Franklin County Pioneer Reunion held in October of 2008, I purchased a reprint of the 1882 book, Atlas of Franklin County by J. H. Beers & Co. where there were references to Wakefields joining the Little Cedar Grove Church in 1812.

On page 61 of the book, John Wakefield and Abel Wakefield are listed as new members of the church along with several familiar associated family members: Elizabeth Stucky, John Davis, Rebecca Davis, Leanah Loller, Mary Ann Loller, and Sally Davis. The Davis and Loller families are very closely tied to the Wakefields. Future research will be conducted to determine clarify the relationship of these families. John is listed as joining sometime between September 4, 1811 and July 4, 1812. Abel was listed as joining on August 1, 1812 in the church’s new meeting house. Further on the page, Sarah Wakefield is listed as joining the church sometime between 1814 and 1830. Listed with Sarah were some of the following familiar family names: Tyner, Gant, and Davis.

William Tyner was the minister of the Little Cedar Grove Church. The Tyners were land-owners in Abbeville County, SC as early as the 1770s and lived only a short distance from the Wakefields. It is possible that the Wakefields and Tyners are related by marriage since, in 1829, William Tyner Wakefield was born to William Wakefield and Polly Shirley. It is also a possible that the Wakefields gave William the middle name of Tyner to honor the minister of the Brookville church.

I recall a reference to the Abel leaving one of the Abbeville churchs and believe it was in/around 1812. Will try and track that reference down. I knew that Abel was in Franklin County in 1817 but was unsure of when the migration into Indiana occurred. Now the picture is become a bit clearer on when the Wakefield made the move to Indiana, where they went, and who made the move. Five years of Abel’s life has now been filled in.