This is the new home for Chris Hart’s Wakefield Genealogy research. Research is focused on the Carolina Wakefields who migrated into the Northwest Territory in the early 1800s and eventually settled in Switzerland and Jefferson counties in Indiana.

This site is created and maintained by Chris Hart.

I can be reached at clhart.71@gmail.com or via snail mail at:

Chris Hart
1062 Scarlet Quarry Circle
Avon, IN 46123


2 Comments to “About”

  1. Hi, I’m looking for a current address of Richard Wakefield (and Willard Daryl and Phyllis Wakefield). My mother is the widow of Leroy B. Smythe who is a cousin to them. We are having a family reunion in Madison IN in May and would love to contact them. My mother has called Phyllis and Daryl but their phone does not answer (we know they are deaf but they should have a computer that answers.

    Can you help us?
    Terry Simmons

  2. Terry,

    I can help. Sadly, Richard passed away a few years ago but my grandparents, Willard and Phyllis, are doing well and still living in New Whiteland. I will email you their address and contact information as well as my Mom’s, Sally Meziere.


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